2020: The year in review

During the early days of the pandemic, we recognized early on that many aspects of risk mitigation would inherently need to be adjusted to the COVID era. Many of our service offerings, such as corporate event security and international travel security, became obsolete as certain industries were literally closed overnight. Many services had to be “morphed” in order to still provide solutions effectively.

As an example, GS3’s Workplace Violence Prevention services were normally centered around a geographic location, mainly the client business address (Corporate campus, branch, etc.).  Now, due to the “remote workplace” model, the spherical range of protection could possibly include employee residences and sub-locations (children’s schools, common family locations, etc.). We were able to adjust our offerings to still meet the needs of our clients using a mobile-centered protection scheme.

Clients deemed “essential” businesses leaned heavily on GS3 resources to:

  • Secure supply chains and inventories to nationwide store locations.

  • Provide access control for hospitals during COVID patient intake overflows.

  • Secure critical medical supplies directly needed to treat COVID victims.

  • To provide replacement personnel when client personnel were exposed to or contracted COVID.

During the summer civil disturbances, media clients utilized GS3 security professionals across the country to protect their news teams – often putting themselves in danger. Our teams covered events in Minneapolis, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia to name a few.

Retail clients initially requested extra coverage as a deterrent to looting. When that became ineffective, we adjusted our approach and were able to still provide effective solutions to ensure that the criminal activity was documented.

As the contentious 2020 election neared, GS3 planned effective responses to criminal activity with our clients. When news teams were deployed to cover the election results, GS3 Security professionals were there to protect them.

We closed the year with optimism and reflection, being thankful that we as an organization, made the appropriate decisions to ensure we could “weather the storm” and continue to employ all of our team members – allowing us to continue servicing our clients. We believed that, though the events of 2020 were the most trying in recent history and their effects will be felt for years to come, we would come out of 2020 with a new sense of direction and determination. We have…