President's Message

As we move into a time where COVID-19 trends downward and we return to some semblance of normalcy, we are forced to look at our organizations through a different lens – one displaying the way we have to adapt to continue to flourish. We at GS3 supported client personnel during the most challenging period of the pandemic – when conflicting information, hoarding, and fear was prevalent and foremost in the public mind. We quickly developed internal protocols for our personnel that allowed GS3 to serve on client sites safely while exceeding recommended safety directives. The question is - what did we learn about ourselves as an organization?

  • That our team was up to the task of staying on mission, taking care of the health and safety of our personnel during a time when fear was prevalent.

  • That we were able to contribute to the security of the most-needed commodities during the peak - medical responders at our hospitals and medical suppliers.

  • That the time spent in preparation and focus prior to the pandemic allowed us to respond as quickly as possible, helping move our clients from uncertainty into stasis and recovery.

  • That those clients that called on us, knew they could trust us to give them our best in the most challenging environment.

Our steadfast resolve to assist our clients provided validation of our processes, our assets, and our drive to overcome and succeed. I am proud of our team and our partners’ performance during this crisis and thank them for their dedication and professionalism. Because of them, I can confidently say, GS3 stands ready to support your organization as we all move towards a brighter future.

Krag F. Redinger