Human Resources Support Services If you have employees, you need a security partner.

GS3’s Human Resource Support Services provide a platform of as-needed risk management tools that support Human Resource professionals who may not have in-house security resources.

“Workplace violence” is a term we have become too familiar with in recent history and a risk all employers face. With the advancement of social media, the discovery, tracking and quantifying of threats has become a major challenge for many organizations. Modern threat discovery has evolved to include multiple avenues of reception and have become increasing more difficult to assess validity.

GS3 helps employers mitigate many of the risk impacts of workplace violence by instituting pre-incident response measures that help identify risks before they become threats. These measures often consist of all of the service aspects GS3 offers - investigations, consulting, and at times, protective services.

Hostile Terminations

Reductions in Force

Workplace Violence Prevention Professionals

Remote Asset Collection Services

Background Inquiries

Comprehensive Investigations