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Our Company

Global Secure 3 (GS3) is a boutique risk management and investigation services firm to corporate and public-sector organizations.    

Headquartered in San Francisco, and with strategic resources located in financial centers around the globe, our blend of security / risk management expertise and service offerings are tailored to the needs unique to all organizations.    

Understanding changing economic challenges, we recognize that client budgetary resources fluctuate, however, the need to protect your company’s personnel and assets do not. Our organizational structure is designed to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar your organization spends in securing your livelihood and success.    

Our mission is to become a valued partner to our clients as we work to mitigate their unique risks.  

Our Reach

We tailor our services to support clients in their selected markets, allowing your organization to maximize business opportunities with safety and security.

GS3 has spent years developing professional relationships and an operational track record with like-minded resources located in all geographies. This investment ensures that we maintain the capacity and experience to serve client needs on a global scale.    

Our geographic reach is centered on global financial centers, which in turn can support operations in developing regions and areas considered unsafe by western standards.    

Our vetted international partners possess comparative backgrounds and experience and are held to the same performance standards to ensure consistency of service delivery.     

Our Team

The GS3 team is comprised top-down of seasoned security professionals with extensive military, law enforcement, and corporate security experience. Utilizing these attributes and our extensive global network, our management team is able to determine the best “tool for the job” when providing security personnel for your particular need.      

We believe that our field personnel are the face of GS3, and that our agents represent the professionalism and presentation our clients desire and expect. Our employment candidates are carefully selected, identifying qualities that meet these expectations.    

Our field agents are experienced in operating in multiple environments – from the corporate boardroom to remote and austere locations – and our collective resources have conducted operations in the Americas, Europe, the Mideast, Asia, Central and Southeast Asia and Africa. 



Protective Services

The quality of our personnel is the equity of GS3. Our agents are seasoned security professionals with extensive military, law enforcement, and corporate security experience. – We leverage their experience, knowledge, and training to the benefit of our clients by applying these skills to the  security challenges of your enterprise.   From securing your executives during international travel to ensuring that your corporate events run smooth and without disruption, GS3 security personnel receive training from an individual project standpoint – our agents know the parameters, risks, and contingency plans for each project. GS3’s protection services encompass;   

  • Executive Protection
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response
  • Hostile Terminations / Reductions in Force (RIF)
  • Corporate Event Security
  • Disaster Recovery


Corporate Investigative Services

GS3 has the experience and expertise to offer the diversity of investigative services needed in today’s global business world.  Whether the issue is the theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, due diligence matters, litigation support or covert surveillance, GS3 conducts thorough, timely, discreet and professional investigations. Our investigative services are delivered by experienced and highly qualified professionals.. The end product allows organizations to make sound business decisions. GS3 offers the following investigative applications;    

  • Internal / External Fraud
  • Intellectual property theft / Corporate espionage
  • Due diligence Investigations
  • Product diversion / Asset recovery
  • Counterfeit and Brand Protection


Consulting Services

Security reviews, program designs and project management is a GS3 core competency. Our Consultants are industry-recognized for their subject-matter expertise and experience. GS3 works to ensure that a security project is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest of quality standards. GS3 Offers

  • Executive Threat and Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Physical Security Reviews and Audits 
  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity planning 
  • Project Management / Implementation 



Commitment to Ethics

Due to the sensitive nature of our business, our relationships with our clients require an elevated level of trust. Our team is committed to a true sense of honesty and integrity. Our company believes your reputation and your word are the foundations for lasting business partnerships.   

Focus on Response

Our clients need a rapid response to unforeseen security challenges. Our Project Notification Protocol streamlines the exchange of critical information allowing GS3 to mobilize the appropriate resources with minimal delay.   

Providing Value

Security risk management is often viewed as a cost center – not a profit center - GS3 ensures that the delivery of our services are cost conscious and value driven to maximize the return on every dollar spent.   

Quality Control

GS3 continuously works to develop our personnel to meet the expectations of our clients by enforcing proven quality control policies. These policies include scheduled vetting and audits of vendor resources, internal training programs for our field agents and vendor personnel, standard operating procedures centered around codes of conduct. These control measures ensure that services are delivered at a consistent level – regardless of locale.    

Corporate Responsibility

GS3 exceeds all standard business practices with the highest emphasis on ethics and honesty. We take a diverse approach to understanding varying cultures, points of view, and backgrounds to ensure that all persons and situations are treated equitably.    

Professional Affiliations

  • Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) 
  • International Association Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP) 
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • International Counter Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA) 
  • Association Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) 
  • Associate of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) 
  • California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI) 
  • California Robbery Investigators Association (CRIA) 
  • Association Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) 
  • Northern California Human Resources Association (NCHRA)  

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ISC West - Las Vegas, NV -  Apr 10-12, 2019


8/3/18 - GS3 announces development of new product offering focused at rapid engagement.  Update to be posted  11/1/18.

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